Public Dental Health Program

The Public Dental Health Program is three and a half years long and is divided into three sections:

The Department of Community Dentistry: two years
Master's Degree in Public Health (MPH): one year
Elective clinical dentistry: six months

During the last few decades, organized community dental clinics have become increasingly prominent. Concurrently there is a growing need for dentists with relevant experience planning and managing community dental clinics.

The Public Dental Health Program aims to provide the skills dentists need for organizing and managing dental clinics, planning and evaluating dental health programs and carrying out clinical research on dental health related topics.

The program covers both theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical aspect includes a guided independent research project, seminar papers, and lectures. Some of the practical work is done in the department, some in an external organizational framework and students are required to submit a report on a public or communal dental research project.