Group Therapy

  • Group Therapy
    Led by: Anat Laron and Adi Fried
    Participants: patients and their families
    4 weekly meetings, all one hour long. Each group has between 4-8 participants.

    Goals: Patients learn different techniques for controlling urges, such as muscle control, breathing techniques and guided imagery. These techniques have been proven to be effective as stress relievers.

    For more information: Anat 050-6976945

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Workshop
    Led by: Anat Laron
    9 weekly meetings, one and a half hours long; 8 participants per group
    Goals: The workshop is based on the cognitive behavioral psychology model and throughout the workshop patients are given tools to cope with anxiety, depression, and other challenges that come up during treatment. At the beginning of each session, patients are taught a new tool, which is then applied to real-life situations. During the second half of the session, patients practice relaxation techniques and guided imagery. Throughout the workshop, one session is dedicated to exercise and another to healthy eating.

    For more information: Anat 050-6976945

  • Tools for Memory Loss
    Led by: Nechama Zilberman, Anat Laron
    Participants: patients coping with memory loss
    8 meetings, day and time change based on the group; 5-7 participants

    Goals: the workshop works to improve a patient's functionality despite memory issues. The workshop teaches participants strategies for improving information storage in the brain, as well as tools to improve social situations.

  • Workshops for Patients with Malignant Diseases
    A special workshop has been put together for patients with malignant diseases and their families. This workshop teaches karate techniques, which help the patient better control their body functions. The workshop meets on Mondays, on the fourth floor of the Sharett Institute.

    For more information: 02-6776740