Research units include the Biological Psychiatry Unit, Centre for Research and Treatment for trauma, psychiatric Molecular Biology Laboratory (Mt. Scopus Hospital), brain imaging, psycho oncology and y child & adolescent psychiatry center.

Research activity is particularly extensive and includes studies in various mental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, post-disturbance - trauma, eating disorders, psychiatric drugs, and Obsessive compulsive disorder.

Biological Psychiatry unit at Hadassah is proud to participate in various academic activities at Hadassah Medical School and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Biological Psychiatry Unit
Prof. Benjamin Lerer - Director
(School of Nursing Building, Floor A - 1, Hadassah Ein Kerem)

Research Fellows:
Cairo Kanias - 02-6778120
Osnat Karni - 02-6778120

Tatiana Dovrovorsky - 02-6777637
Aida Shelvi - 0206777637

Research assistants:
(School of Nursing Building, 4th Floor, Hadassah Ein Kerem)
Pnina Gurewitz - 02-6777413
Irene Luna - 02-6777413
Revital Cohen - 02-6777413

Center for Research and Mental Treatment
(Clinics Building, 7th Floor, Hadassah Ein Kerem)
Dr. Rhonda Adsky - 02-6777347
Dr. Sarah Friedman - 02-6777002
Ruth Boker
Neta Bar Guy - 02-6776990
Hilit Hadar
Hadas Mor Ofek

Research Assistants
Yair Benat - 02-6777347
Laboratory of Molecular Biology psychiatrics
(Pathological Institute, 1st Floor, Hadassah Mt. Scopus)
Prof. Ronen Segman - 02-5844950
Dr. Canetti Laura
Dr. Goltser-Dubner Tatyana