Teaching and Supervision in Psychology

The teaching of Psychology at Hadassah is divided into three branches:

1) Clinical Psychology

In this branch three subjects are studied:

a) Psychotherapy

b) Psychodiagnostics

c) Screening and Psychopathology

a) Psychotherapy - The studies of Psychotherapy are divided into Short and Long Dynamic Psychotherapies, Supportive Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

b) Psychodiagnostics - The teaching of Psychodiagnostics is divided into three subdivisions:

(1) Contribution to Nosological Diagnosis (DSM)

(2) Description of Personality Structure.

(3) Cognitive and Intellectual and Neuropsychological Functioning.

c) Screening and Psychopathology - Teaching of Interview and Diagnosis in order to define DSM Diagnosis, and Narrative Description of stations in the person's development pointing at crisis and coping points in time.

The teaching of all these subjections is carried out in two tracks:
Individual Supervision - two sessions a week, and Group Activities: Clinical Group Supervisions (Therapy and Diagnosis) and Reading Seminar.

2) Medical Psychology

In this branch two subjects are studied:

a) Diagnosis on the basis of Interview in order to characterize the Psychological Stress of the Physical Patient.

b) Therapy accommodated to Medical Psychology: Relaxation and Hypnotic Relaxation.

3) Rehabilitation Psychology

In this branch two subjects are studied:

a) Diagnosis with emphasis on Neuropsychology

b) Rehabilitation Supportive Therapy

In the last two branches of Psychology: Medical and Rehabilitation Psychology, the teaching is mostly done through individual supervision and partly by through seminars given by senior psychologists inside the hospital various departments in the relevant subjects to the specific department: Pain Clinic and Psycho-oncology.