Major Depression

Major Depression is a common, chronic and highly debilitating disorder with a lifetime prevalence of about 16%. Pharmacological treatment with antidepressant drugs as psychological treatment can significantly help many patients but approximately 30% of patients still remain symptomatic. Other patients are relieved with antidepressants but suffer from significant side effects like weight gain or impaired sexual function.

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (DTMS) enables effective yet non-invasive modulation of brain activity. This novel technology proved to be effective in treatment resistant depressive patients and is approved by the Israeli Ministry of health, the European CE and the US FDA for the treatment of Major depression.

DTMS treatment for Depression is now available at the Hadassah Ein-Kerem campus. The treatment is not covered by "sal habriut" and involves costs.

Patients or caregivers can fax inquiries / referrals ATTN. Dr. Isserles at +972 2 6413642

Written by Dr. Moshe Isserles