Procedures done in our Outpatient Clinic in Ein Kerem

Here is a list of procedures done in our Pediatric Outpatient Clinic:

  • Enzyme Therapy for children with genetic diseases (Hunter Syndrome, Fabry Disease, Pompe Disease)
  • Endocrinology tests (hormonal tests) for children in follow up of growth.
  • Treatment for children with immune deficiencies and IV protein treatment.
  • Pulmonary follow up and bronchoscopies, treatment for children with CF, providing antibiotics through a center venous catheter.
  • Examination and diagnosis of storage diseases (metabolic disorders).
  • Treatment of degenerative diseases.
  • Post hospitalization follow up - Blood tests and other tests.
  • IV iron treatment for anemic children.
  • Follow up on children who went through surgical procedures, abscess incision and drainage, extraction of metals. In the future, small surgeries will also be performed in the outpatient unit.
  • Otolaryngology - Follow up on children who went through a surgical procedure related to ear problems, tonsil surgeries and otolaryngology infections.
  • Follow up on children who went through dental treatment under general anesthesiology.
  • Skin treatments under sedation, removal of warts, skin and muscle biopsies.

Preceding each test or treatment the patients are instructed by the nurses about it. The nurses also may apply an anesthetic ointment on the area of treatment in order to prevent any pain during the procedure.