Private Medical Care

Updated July 2017

Physicians working in the Department of Medicine consult in all fields of internal medicine. The department performs tests, diagnosis, and sophisticated treatment for diseases of the digestive tract, as well as diagnosis and treatment for those suffering from hypertension, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Doctors at Mt. Scopus:

For appointments please call: 972-2-5844044
  • Prof. Muszkat Mordechai
    Head of Department, Clinical Pharmacology
  • Prof. Heyman Shmuel
    Former Head of Department, Internal Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Bursztyn Michael
    Head, Hypertension Center
  • Dr. Ackerman Zvi
  • Prof. Chajek-Shaul Tova
    Former Head of Department
  • Dr. Azoulay Daniel
    Geatric Rehabilitation
  • Dr. Leibowitz David
  • Prof. Weiss Abraham-Teddy

To schedule an appointment at Sharap, Mount Scopus, please call us on: 02-5844044
Sundays - Thursdays 08:00-20:00