Neurogeriatrics and Memory Clinic

Neurologist in-charge
Prof. Meiner Zeev

Dr. Neeman Yehoshua

Mrs. Esther Schickler, Tel: +972-2-5844582

Social worker
Mrs. Ronit Eizenberg, Tel: +972-2-5844471

Other Neurologists
Dr. Vaknin Adi, Dr. Houry Salim

The Neurogeriatrics and Memory Disorders Clinic is a unit of the Rehabilitation and Geriatric Rehabilitation Complex of Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital. It is a tertiary center for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with memory disturbances and other neurological disorders of advanced age, including Alzheimer's Disease.

The clinic personnel include a senior neurologist, Dr. Zeev Meiner who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias; Dr Yehoshua Ne'eman, a senior clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in the evaluation, assessment and rehabilitation of neurocognitive disorders; Esther Shickler, a nurse-coordinator of clinical services and research; Ronit Eizenberg, a social worker specialized in the need of patients and famillied affected by Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. We also train neurology residents who are gaining knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of dementia and other neurogeriatric disorders.

The Memory Disorders Clinic carries out 500 to 700 patient visits per year, including 350 Alzheimer's disease patients who are followed up on a regular basis. These evaluations include comprehensive neurological and neuropsychological evaluations, imaging studies and laboratory tests. Detailed summaries are sent to patients and their physicians upon completion of evaluations. Additionally, patients are treated in follow-up clinic visits. The clinic maintains direct contacts with family physicians, geriatric physicians and day-care facility personnel for dementia patients in the Jerusalem area.

In addition to clinical activities, the Neurogeriatrics and Memory Disorders Clinic maintains an active research program. To date we have participated in four multi-center clinical trials of drugs for treatment of Alzheimer's disease, including Donepezil, Rivastigmine and Phenserine. We are about to undertake our fifth clinical trial this year. We are also carrying out a longitudinal study of neurological and neurocognitive sequelae of Down syndrome in cooperation with the Down syndrome center in the pediatric departments in our hospital. We also conduct basic research in cooperation with the Neurogenetics Laboratory of the Neurology Department of Hadassah Ein Kerem regarding genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's disease.

Clinic hours
Prof. Meiner Zeev - Monday and Wednesday- 12:00-17:00
Dr. Neeman Yehoshua – Tuesday 9:00-12:00
Dr. Vaknin Adi, Dr. Houry Salim - (Kupat-Cholim Meuhedet) Wednesday- 9:00-16:00

Tel: +972-2-5844111, +972-2-5844474