Our department takes part in teaching physicians. This includes interns who rotate through the department for a month, and medical students who are farther along in their training. These physicians rotate through the department for a period of one to several months, and learn by by participating in all departmental activities.

Physicians who have completed their training in internal medicine can apply for sub-specialty training in hematology. This comprises 2 1/2 years in the department, completing rotations as the on-call physician in the inpatient department, as well as outpatient clinics and Day Care. Informal ongoing training is provided by the ward's attending of the month. In addition, formal training on specific subjects (morphology, coagulation, thalassemia, etc.) is provided throughout the residency on an individually tailored schedule, by the senior physicians specializing in each particular area.

Some physicians, as part of their requirements towards their internal medicine specialty, decide to perform their basic science training (madaei yesod) in the Department of Hematology. This involves 6 months of supervised work on a laboratory project in the research laboratory of one of the senior hematologists. These projects are specially tailored and most are ultimately published.