Undergraduate Courses

We teach a number of courses for undergraduate dental students. Teaching periodontics to undergraduate dental students is considered one of our most important duties. The students first contact with patients starts in the fourth year of their six year program. During this year they receive a course on the basic examination and treatment techniques used in periodontal therapy. The course consists of 60 hours of laboratory and clinical training on patients as well as 30 hours of frontal lectures. During the final two years of their training they are expected to examine treat and maintain the periodontal health of 5-7 patients as part of their total dental care.

Post-Graduate Courses
We accept 2-3 students a year for a 3.5 year postgraduate training course in periodontology. This course prepares dentists for the national board examinations for speciality registration in periodontology. The course provides the theoretical background and extensive practical experience in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the periodontal diseases. They also receive training in the preparation of the periodontium for prosthetic reconstruction including cosmetic procedures and dental implant surgery.

Numerous continuing education courses are given on subjects of interest to the general dental public.