Periodontics Residency Program

Duration: 3.5 years
Department of Periodontics (2.5 years)
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (three months)
Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology (three months)
Basic Sciences (six months)

Periodontics includes the diagnosis, prevention and therapy of pathological conditions affecting the gums and tooth supporting tissues. The Periodontics Residency Program focuses on treatment methods for the infected periodontium and conservative and surgical rehabilitation of the dental support system.

The program includes joint seminars on topics of common interest with the Departments of Oral Rehabilitation, Endodontics and Orthodontics. Residents gain practical knowledge in a broad variety of periodontal techniques by providing full periodontal treatment for at least 25 patients under staff supervision. They also carry responsibility for undergraduate student guidance in the department. They are also required to participate in at least a further 100 surgical procedures, including the placement of dental implants during their training.