Pediatric centers, services and special clinics

The Pediatric AIDS Center
Multidisiplinary team: Director: Prof. Dan Engelhard (Head of the Department), Dr. Diana Auerbuch, Ruth Stein (nurse), Estel Rubinstein (social worker), Ahuva Yavin-Arnon Psychologist, Viki Rotshild (Pharmacyst), Michal Naeh (nutritionist), Haya Nagusa (case manager).

ART, Joy, Love - Pediatric AIDS program in Ethiopia
ART-JOY-LOVE is a Pediatric AIDS program in Ethiopia, by the Hadassah Pediatric AIDS Center in Jerusalem. We treat HIV/AIDS orphans with antiretroviral therapy (ART) and other needed medical care, and dispense Joy and Love that are so needed, by volunteers.

The Center for the Child at Risk

  • Multidisciplinary Team: Dr. Igal Shvil, Director
  • Dr. Yoram Ben-Yehuda

The Center for Metabolic Disease

  • Director: Prof. Orly Elpeleg
  • Dr. Stanley Korman

The Cardio-Genetic Center

  • Prof. Azaria Rein

The Center for Diagnosis of Feeding and Swallowing Problems

  • Prof. Haim Springer
  • Dr. Beni Kopelevich (Department of Radiology)

The Pediatric Pain Team

  • Dr. David Gozal, Director (Department of Anesthesiology)

Special Clinics:

Infectious Diseases

  • Prof. Dan Engelhard
  • Dr. Diana Averbuch

Immunological Diseases

  • Prof. Dan Engelhard

Pulmonological Diseases

  • Dr. Hevroni Avigdor

Cardiological Diseases

  • Prof. Azaria Rein
  • Dr. Zeev Perles

Renal Diseases

  • Dr. Igal Shvil
  • Dr. Ari Simkis

Neurological and Muscle Diseases, Convulsive Disorders

  • Dr. Israel Matot

Endocrinological Disorders

  • Dr. David Gillis
  • R. Ram Weiss

Gastrointestinal Disorders, Nutritional Disorders and Liver Diseases

  • Prof. Michael Wilshansky

Breast-feeding and Nutritional Advice

  • Ms. Michal Naeh (Dietician&Nutritionist)

Pediatric Respiratory Intensive Care

  • Dr. Jacques Braun

Metabolic Diseases

  • Prof. Orly Elpeleg
  • Dr. Stanley Korman (Biochemistry)

Dermatological Diseases

  • Dr. Ephraim Sagi (Department of Dermatology)

Hematological Diseases and Malignant Disorders

  • Dr. Michael Weintraub
  • Dr. Shoshana Revel-Vilk
  • Dr. Mira Kharit


  • Prof. Beni Bar-Oz
  • Dr. Ofra Peleg
  • Dr. Zivanit Ergaz
  • Dr. Ilit Cohen
  • Dr. Elana Golzand

Radiology and Imaging

  • Dr. Beni Kopelevich (Department of Radiology)

Psychiatric Disorders

  • Dr. Esther Galili (Head, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Pediatric Homeopathic clinic

  • Complementary and alternative therapies
  • Dr. Ayelet Nevet (in Hadassah Optimal)

Appointments for the clinics are made through the Hospital Appointment Center
Telephone number 02-5842111

Appointments with specific physicians are made through the Private Medical Services Office
Telephone number 02-6778899