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Art Joy Love Hadassah Pediatric AIDS Volunteer Program in Ethiopian Orphanages

Hadassah Pediatric AIDS Volunteer Program in Ethiopian Orphanages


ART-JOY-LOVE is a Pediatric AIDS program in Ethiopia, under the auspices of the Hadassah Pediatric AIDS Center in Jerusalem. We treat HIV/AIDS orphans with antiretroviral therapy (ART) and other needed medical care -- and dispense the Joy and Love that are so needed.

ART-JOY-LOVE work in the orphanages is carried out in collaboration with the local orphanage teams, the Ethiopian medical staff and other involved organizations.

What are the responsibilities of the program?

Dear Volunteer:
We will prepare you for your activity and stay there. We will advise you about medical issues and refer you for the proper immunizations before you go.

We would like to call your attention that the risks of being contaminated from HIV are: sexual relationships with inhabitants, or being stabbed accidentally by a used needle. We wish to clarify that there is absolutely no danger of contamination by hugging children or from daily life routine in the orphanage.

We will not be responsible for medical or personal problems during or after your stay there.

Since we know the local conditions and the requirements needed, we make sure that the program correspond with the applicant volunteers' expectations.

You will need to supply your own insurance for the flight and your stay there. So far we cannot financially support the travel or other expenses.

We wish to particularly thank the ambassador of Israel in Ethiopia, Mr. Yaacov Amitai, for his strong involvement, and his interest and deep concern towards the volunteers.

Thanks to the former and present volunteers (updated January 2007):

Prof. Dan Engelhard, Dr. Diana Averbuch, Dr. Amit Dotan, Dr. Idit Wechsberg, Dr. Saar Hashavia, Dr. Sigal Grisaru.

Dr. Ravit Birnbaum.

Sivan Hashavia, Raheli Zaam, Rivka Tauber.

Social Worker
Estelle Rubinstein, Yael Openheim.

Ahuva Yavin-Arnon, Ella Brand.

Medical Clowns
Jerome Harusch, Dudi Barashi.

Medical Students
Noa Vardi, Uri Hochberg, Bezalel Reich, Shay Kremer, Daniel Dukerevitch, Dekel Lite.

Nursing Students
Liel Ronen, Tehila Shaar-Yashouv.

Valuable Additional Volunteers
Chen Moran, Sharon Niv, Yanek Openheim, Ramit Egozi, Naomi Halbertal, Nily Faber, Eithan Kremer, Dana Mushkatblit, Vivian Tsarfati.

Who to contact?

Program Head
Prof. Dan Engelhard, MD
Head of the Department of Pediatrics, Head, Pediatric AIDS Center
Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Kerem, POB 12000
Jerusalem 91120 Israel
Tel +972-2-677-8960 Fax +972-2-643-4579 Mobile +972-50-787-4040
[email protected]

Coordinator for residents and medical students:

Dr. Amit Dotan - [email protected]

Coordinator for nurses, nurse students and non-professionals:
Liel Ronen - [email protected]