Paramedical Services

Both of Hadassah's hospitals provide physical and occupational therapy treatment services are available for our geriatric patients. The service is available either in the ward or in the treatment facilities operated by the Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics. Speech therapy as well as evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders are also provided by the following units:



Physiotherapy is available for patients who are limited in daily functions and whose movements are considered insufficient or abnormal. In Hadassah, this service is provided in both hospitals in all acute care wards, intensive-care units, the rehabilitation department, rehabilitation day care unit and the two outpatient clinics.

Patients treated vary in age from the new-born to the elderly, who suffer from a variety of ailments including orthopedic, neurologic and respiratory conditions, burns, or developmental problems. The unit has electrotherapy and bio-feedback equipment as well as a hydrotherapy pool.

Occupational Therapy

Director: Mrs. Rita Lefkovitch
Location: Rehabilitation Building, Mount Scopus

The occupational therapy (OT) service evaluates and provides therapy in activities of daily living (ADL) such as feeding, dressing, bathing and meal preparation for individuals with physical, cognitive, developmental or psychiatric disabilities. Media used are adapted techniques, assistive devices and supervised practice. The OT also influences the components of function with splints, pressure garments, slings, etc. and by providing goal-oriented activities to improve coordination, range of joint motion, balance, concentration, memory, etc.

Communication and Swallowing Disorders Unit


This unit is the only one which evaluates and rehabilitates swallowing disorders such as aphagia and dysphagia, language, speech, written and spoken verbal communication (reading and writing). Verbal memory problems as well as voice and rhythm disorders due to either brain and head injuries (for example as a result of car accidents), strokes, or neurosurgery and children born with swallowing and communication problems are also treated.

The treatment is based on individual therapy. Group therapy is also provided for voice and facial problems.