Overuse of Imaging

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The diagnosis of pulmonary embolism poses a challenge to achieving thecorrect balance between missed diagnoses and excess imaging and treatment.

The use of a rule such as the Wells Rule, may help and we will consider its structure as a decision-supporting tool when computerizing the order form for CT-PE.

Completing this form will help improve the interpretation of the CT, the understanding of patterns of use and the construction of an appropriate decision-support tool.

Prof. Ben-Yehuda Arie, Medicine Gimmel
Prof. Sosna Jacob, Imaging Institute
Prof. Brezis Meir, Center for Clinical Quality & Safety
Dr. Assaf Jacob, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Stalnikowicz Ruth, Emergency Medicine, Mt. Scopus
Dr. Meir Frankel, Emergency Medicine and Center for Clinical Quality & Safety
Dr. Cohen Joel matan , Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and Center for Clinical Quality & Safety
Tomer Amsalem, fifth-year medical student

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