What to Bring to an Appointment

Please do not forget to bring the following to your dental appointment. Bring all documents, radiographs and tests relevant to the consultation. Pay particular attention to the following:

Patients with a pre-existing medical condition: Please bring letters from the doctor/s treating you that describe your medical history and drugs you are taking for treatment (your healthcare fund drug card is acceptable). If you have been hospitalized, please obtain a copy of the discharge letter. Results of tests (blood, biopsy etc) should also be available.

Please bring any previous radiographs of your teeth, jaws or other relevant dental information

Please bring CT scans, MRIs and any other imaging results if relevant

If you are not fluent in Hebrew, you may want to have someone fluent accompany you

Patients undergoing sedation or general anesthesia need an accompanying adult

Patients under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian

Payment Methods:
Some of the non-dental clinics are recognized by the healthcare funds and under certain circumstances you may be able to obtain an authorization document which will cover the consultation fee. All dental treatment needs to be paid for at the time of treatment.