Undergraduate Courses

Teaching Activities

The department of Oral Medicine is responsible for a number of undergraduate courses during the 3 clinical years of study towards a DDM (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree.

The courses we teach include the following:

Fourth Year

  • Physical Examination and Diagnosis (10 hours)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Mucosal Lesions (46 hours)
  • Preparatory Course for DMD Thesis (27 hours)
  • Infection Control (14 hours)
  • Oral Radiology (26 hours of lectures, 72 hours of exercises)

Fifth Year

  • Orofacial Pain (30 hours)
  • Sedation (20 hours)
  • Oral Radiology (15 hours of lectures and 128 hours of exercises)
  • The Medically Compromised Patient (30 hours)

Sixth Year

  • The Medically Compromised Patient (10 hours lectures, 20 hours seminars, clinical teaching 150 hours)
  • Differential Diagnosis (Oral Radiology, Oral Lesions, Orofacial Pain)

Dental Auxiliaries/Hygienists
Oral Medicine (50 hours)
We also run a residency program.