The Ambulatory Activity

The outpatient clinic consists of:
Five operating rooms in which there are performed operations on ambulatory patients under local anesthesia and or sedation.

Five cubicles in which there are performed examinations and minor surgery, such as simple extractions.

Recovery room in which there are 3 beds for adult patients and 2 for children

A seminar room, which is indicated for case presentations and discussions on cases before and after surgery.

A small laboratory for preparation of Orthognathic Surgery cases.

The surgical procedures that are performed in the clinic are:

  • Complicated surgical extractions, which are referred by dentists from private Practice.
  •  Extractions of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Orthodontic assisted surgical procedures, such as exposure of impacted un-erupted teeth
  • Surgical pre-prosthetic procedures for prosthodontic treatment
  • Dental Implants
  • Augmentation of alveolar ridges for implants (implantation of bone or bone substitutes, maxillary sinus augmentation etc.)
  • Elongation of alveolar ridges as preparation for implants (Distraction Osteogenesis)
  • Treatment of dental and soft tissues minor trauma
  • Surgical treatment of tumors in the oral cavity, biopsies and resection of minor Tumors
  • Control of dental and facial origin infections.