General Recommendations

Recommendations for Monitoring and Prevention

Monitoring for early diagnosis and/or prevention of cancerous tumors is suggested to patients on the basis of their family history and/or the results of genetic testing. Below are general recommendations for populations at high risk. These recommendations must be adjusted for each individual and each case:

  • Breast - doctor's examination once every six months; Mammogram from age 35, or starting at an age 5 years younger than the youngest case of breast cancer diagnosed in your family; an ultrasound and MRI in certain cases, if they carry mutations in the BRCA genes

  • Colon - In the case of increased risk for colorectal cancer, we recommend a colonoscopy starting from 5-10 years younger than the youngest case of colorectal cancer diagnosed in the family. If a specific hereditary condition is discovered, such as HNPCC or FAP, the age at which recommended monitoring should begin is even younger.

  • Ovarian - We recommend periodic monitoring, including a doctor's examination, vaginal ultrasound examination, a testing for markers in the blood for ovarian tumors. However, since these are not effective for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, we recommend prophylactic removal of the ovaries in certain cases.

  • Uterine - We recommend periodic monitoring, include a doctor's examination and a vaginal ultrasound.