Hadas - Onco-genetic Carriers Service

Director of the Onco-genetic Carriers Service: Dr. Kaduri-Sonenfeld Luna.

The "Hadas" carrier clinic provides multidisciplinary follow up for carriers of mutations in cancer genes. After the patient have had genetic consultation and a genetic test, if a mutation was found she is referred to the Hadas Carrier Clinic. We specialize in follow up for BRCA1, BRCA2 and Lynch syndrome carriers as well as other rare cancer syndromes such as the PALB2, ATM, p53 mutations and others.

The team of the clinic includes oncologist, breast radiologist, gynecologist, breast surgeon, plastic surgeon and gastroenterologist.

Individualized recommendations for early detection and preventative measure are planed after thorough discussion with the patient regarding the clinical significance of the mutation. In some cases, operations to reduce risk are recommended based on clinical, pathological and genetic data. Recommendations must take into account several factor such as family history, type of cancer, the age of the patient and the patient's own preferences.

The Hadas oncogenetic carrier clinic provides follow up In "one stop shop"; visits to the clinic includes breast and gynecological examination, blood tumor markers, mammography, breast US and vaginal US as required. MRI and colonoscopy are performed at separate appointment.

The Hadas oncogenetic carrier clinic at Hadassah has an oncology nurse who is in charge of

  • Coordinating clinic meetings
  • Emotional support and monitoring
  • Preparing referrals for counseling meetings
  • Coordinating between the staff members and other professionals
  • Designing and coordinating a follow up plan together with the staff
  • Education for early detection of the disease

For additional information and to make appointment call 02-6778255
[email protected]

To make appointment to the carrier clinic at the breast unit call 02-6776501

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