The Official National Stoma Care Center

What is a Stoma?
A stoma is an artificial opening between two cavities or canals and the surface of the body that allows the release of urine and feces.

When is a Stoma performed?

  • Gastrointestinal tumors
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Trauma

Who performs stoma care?
Hadassah Stoma Care nurses are some of the top in their field. A stoma nurse is also responsible for adjusting the equipment, providing nutritional guidance, and help with adjusting to living with a stoma. The final incision site is selected and done by a surgeon once the abdominal cavity is opened and the condition of the bowel is determined.

The Official National Stoma Care Clinic
The Official National Stoma Care Clinic is located at Hadassah Medical Center - in Ein Kerem. The services offered at the Stoma Care Clinic include both public health care and private medical care services. Our goal is to help patients improve their quality of life and offer them guidance and personal support while dealing with their disease. The comprehensive care treatment offered at the Hadassah Stoma Care Clinic allows patients with stoma to lead a normal, independent life.

Clinic Operator:
Ms. Hedva Elhanani
Tel: 050-7874342
Email: [email protected]

Public Clinic
Contact the National Stoma Care Clinic through Hadassah's Appointment Center: 972-2-5842111 and ask to set up a meeting with the stoma clinic operator.

Location of the clinic: Surgical Clinic, Ein Kerem Medical Center, 3rd floor; Tuesdays; open from 2:00 pm.

Private Practice (Private Medical Services):
Surgical Clinic, 3rd Floor, from 16:00.
Phone: 972-2-6778899.