Obesity Treatment Clinic

The Hadassah Ein Kerem Obesity Treatment Clinic

Obesity is a common medical problem that is spreading at an epidemic rate around the world. Obesity has detrimental effects on many organs. Complications of obesity include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatty liver, joint problems and even certain types of cancer.

At the clinic we offer comprehensive assessment and treatment for obese patients that includes diagnosis of rare hormonal factors for obesity, and customization of pharmacological and invasive treatments.

We work closely with surgeons who deal with obesity surgeries (bariatric surgeries), including referral of patients suitable for surgeries, follow-up surgery to maintain metabolic balance, bone health and repair of vitamin deficiencies. Occasionally, additional obesity medication is needed in patients who have been observed to regain weight years after bariatric surgery.

We also work collaboratively with gastroenterologists to offer patients appropriate endoscopic weight loss intervention.


  • Dr. Joshua Stokar