The Unit for Neuro-Immunology, Multiple Sclerosis & Cell Therapy

The Center for Multiple Sclerosis provides the patient with the best treatment and required care. In the Center are a neurologist who is an expert in multiple sclerosis, a nurse and a social worker, and advisors on vision problems and aural problems. In addition the Center is located in close contact with the Center for Rehabilitation at Har HaTsofim. The follow-up on the patient is done in the clinic which is open twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. The clinic may be reached by telephone at 02-6776939.

The new Center for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at Hadassah is a multidisciplinary center that coordinates the treatment and follow-up of multiple sclerosis patients in the Jerusalem area and its surroundings, and is a reference center for patients all over the country and abroad.