Milk and milk products are a main source of vital nutrients such as calcium, protein, phosphorous, vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin and more.

Low-fat milk products can help prevent hypertension when they are a part of a vegetable, fruit and whole grain-rich diet. Lately, however, a number of studies have pointed to the fact that 3-4 servings of dairy a day is related to the reduction of insulin rejection - a common reaction among obese. It has not been completely understood what the is the reason behind this connection.

Milk Myths

  1. Drinking chocolate is not healthy
    Not true. Cocoa contains a component called oxalic acid which inihibits the absoprtion of calcium but the amount of it in the cocoa is too little to seriously cause problems absorbing calcium. Chocolate milk is a good way to get your kids drinking milk.
  2. Calcium supplements can be taken instead of having milk products
    Not true. Milk has other components such as proteins, vitamins and minerals and they also play a role in preventing disease. Many studies show that low-fat milk can help people lose weight, lower blood pressure, and prevent type II diabetes.