Private Medical Care

Private Medical Services (Sharap) and Personal Health Care (Tr"a)

Department Physicians - SHARAP

Doctors at Ein-Karem
For Appointments please call:

  • Prof. Allon Moses
    Head of Department
  • Prof. Dan Engelhard
    Head Department of Pediatrics
  • Prof. Colin Block
    Director Microbiology Unit
  • Prof. Dana Wolf
    Director Virology Unit
  • Prof. Shlomo Maayan
    Director AIDS Center
  • Dr. Ran Nir-Paz
  • Dr. Diana Averbuch
  • Dr. Jacob Strahilevitz

Department Physicians TR"A

  • Dr. Hila Elinav
  • Dr. Korem Maya
  • Dr. Olshtain Keren

To schedule and appointment, please call 02-6778899 (SHARAP) or 02-6776359 (TR"A)