Maternity and infant departments, Eim Kerem

The stay in the delivery room at the end of birth is for two hours for rest and observation, the mother is then transferred to one of the maternity wards.

At Hadassah Ein Kerem, we see great importance in fulfilling the physical and emotional needs of the mother and baby. The role of the team is to allow the mother contact and familiarity with her baby while giving guidance and training - through a holistic vision of the needs of the mother and baby, with a notable and important part being the escort through breastfeeding. In line with this professional perspective, the maternity nurse also treats babies in the baby unit.

Hadassah has three maternity wards - one engages a fully domesticated or homing method (Maternity C) and two departments operate with a flexible homing method (Maternity A and B). The woman can choose which treatment method is best suited to her.