Labels for diagnostic hysteroscopy

  1. Investigating the cause of sub-fertility or infertility
  2. Ensuring a normal uterine cavity before ivf
  3. Searching for a fibroid (or myoma)
  4. Searching for a uterine polyp(s)
  5. Investigating uterine adhesions
  6. Investigating a congenital uterine malformation, such as a partition
  7. Investigating recurrent miscarriages
  8. Investigating the cause of abnormal uterine bleeding
  9. Negation of endometrial cancer
  10. Diagnosis before giving hormone replacement therapy
  11. Assessment of hormone or antibiotic therapy
  12. Investigating a finding detected on uterine x-ray
  13. Investigating a finding detected by ultrasound
  14. Examination of a finding of thick endometrium
  15. Cases of cervical polyp(s)
  16. Before performing operative hysteroscopy