Kidney Tumors

Cyrotherapy of Kidney Tumors

Most solid kidney tumors are malignant. For many years the only effective therapy of renal tumors was the surgical removal of the tumor. Thanks to the widespread use of new imaging modalities, most kidney tumors are detected at an early stage, while the tumor is small and still confined to the kidney.

Most small kidney tumors are slow-growing. If other medical problems prevent traditional surgery, we offer another treatment method - cryotherapy (freezing of the tumor).

Cryotherapy is done with minimally invasive surgery. Using a few, very small incisions a television camera and other tools are inserted into the abdomen. The tumor is exposed and then frozen and thawed with special electrodes. The procedure may also be done using a percutaneous approach, where the electrodes are inserted through the skin, directly into the tumor with the help of an ultrasound.

The biggest advantage of the technique is that it does not require a large abdominal incision used for a partial nephrectomy, another operation which removes small kidney tumors.

Using cryotherapy for removing kidney tumors has been used in the US for the last 5 years and results have been very successful. In 92% of the cases, the tumors were completely destroyed with no significant side effects to the patients.