Information for the Patient and his Family

The Department of Neurology is located on the 6th floor of the hospital in Ein Kerem.

The Department includes:

  • Nursing Team (head Nurse: Nira Kedar)
  • Physiotherapist
  • Social Workers
  • Occupational Therapy Clinic
  • Speech Therapy Clinic
  • Departmental Doctors and Advisors From Other Departments

Preparation for Hospitalization
The hospitalization referral is given to you by the treating doctor.

You will receive a hospitalization date by telephone or by fax from the secretarial office of the Department.

You must go the health clinic to which you belong in order to receive a guarantee of payment for hospitalization

Present the payment guarantee together with the referral for hospitalization to the Admissions Office on the date of hospitalization.

It is important to bring relevant medical documents and information, letters of release from other hospitals, a list of medications that you take regularly, washing implements, slippers and a dressing gown.

You will receive hospitalization forms from the Admissions Office and these you will give to the nurse of the station in the department on the 6th floor.

Hospitalization in the Department
Placement of the patient in a room will be made according to his condition and the opportunities in the department at that time. Changes may occur during the duration of the hospitalization.
The patient's unit includes a bed, cupboard and bell.
Toilets and showers are located next to each room.

Daily Schedule in the Department
The patient receives three meals daily.

Regular visiting hours are: 11:00-13:00; 16:00-20:00

Patient resting hours are: 14:00-16:00

Clarification of the patient's medical condition: 16:00 - 17:00 by appointment with the attending doctors. A meeting with the head of the department may be arranged through the secretarial office (Ms. Hannah Avrahami; Ms. Sigal Larousse - tel.: 6776941.

Doctors' visits take place daily during the morning hours.

Departmental grand rounds take place every Thursday from 8:00-12:00. There are no visiting hours at this time.

Further information may be obtained by phoning the departmental telephone: 02-6776455.

Upon Release From the Hospital:
Notification of release from the hospital will generally be given one day before release or the same day. It is important to wait until the release letter is given by the doctor in charge.

Remember to bring the release letter to the first visit in the clinic.

If you are invited for a check-up in the clinic following release you must approach the clinic clerk on the same day and make an appointment. You may also do this by telephone: 02-6776936.

A patient who is intended to receive nursing care at home or in any other place is asked to make contact during his hospitalization with the contact nurse of one of the health clinics.

A Patient Who is Transferred to Another Medical Institution:

The patient goes through a procedure identical to one who is being released. Transfer of the patient by ambulance will be carried out in coordination with the Department Secretary and at the cost of the family.

A patient who is intended to transfer to an institution for the care of chronic patients or to a rehabilitation institution must set up a meeting and continuing contact with the social worker of the Department.

Please check with the health clinic to which you belong if you are entitled to additional aid.

Leaving the Hospital:
Wheelchairs may be found in the Department or by the entrance gate of the hospital. Please ensure that the equipment is returned to its place after use.
It is also possible to borrow equipment in the Hadassah branch of "Yad Sarah" which is located in the basement (B), floor -1.
Phone: 02-677-6260
Hours of Operation:
Sunday-Thursday: 10:30-14:00