A and B maternity departments - Flexible rooming-in

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Head nurse Maternity A: Mrs. Sarah Panso
Head nurse Maternity B: Mrs. Yelena Zlatkin

The A and B maternity wards at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital are "flexible rooming-in" departments. What this means is that the mother and baby stay together during the day, according to the mother's wills, and at night the baby stays in the night-nursery. While at the department, the mother and baby are both treated by the same nurse.

During the day, the baby resides by his mother in a calm and quiet environment, encouraging attachment and breastfeeding according to the baby's needs. Visits by the pediatrician are done in the mother's room in the presence of the mother and the caregiving nurse, allowing the mother to be informed, ask questions and be a part of the treatment decision making.

Each shift, the caregiving nurse introduces herself to the mother. The nurse coordinates the treatment of both the mother and the baby, including instructing the mother about taking care of the baby, breastfeeding, changing diapers, dressing the baby, ambilical treatment etc. During the day the baby can be put in the nursery, but the coordinating nurse must be notified. Taking the baby out of the nursery requires a tag check, matching the newborn's tag to the mother's tag or parent card.

During the night, the baby sleeps in the nursery. A mother interested in feeding the baby during the night should notify the nurse and she will make sure to wake her up in the appropriate hour.

During your stay in our department, a trained professional nursing team will guide and accompany you in order to give you confidence, knowledge and experience which will allow you to take care of your baby safely and efficiently at home.


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Hadassah Ein Kerem, Mother and Child Building, floor 0.



Maternity A: +972-2-6776104
Maternity B: +972-2-6778875 / +972-2-6779063