More Information About the Department of Social Services

Services are provided for the family unit as a whole – the hospitalized child, her/his parents, siblings and even grandparents may receive the social workers' assistance and support. In coordination with the parents, hospital social workers may also refer to community agencies for support and assistance for the family (for example, schools).

In addition to providing immediate assistance during the child's hospitalization, social workers may also be involved in the continued treatment plan for the child. For example, social workers are part of the treatment team in the case of a new diagnosis and in cases of chronic illness or genetic conditions. Social workers provide support for families when a child's condition becomes life-threatening. In the case of the birth of a child with a developmental disability or diagnosis social workers are notified so that they may initiate interventions aimed at supporting the family.

The Department of Social Work Services in the hospital functions in conjunction with the Medical Departments and social workers receive referrals from the doctors, nurses and from families themselves.

The Pediatric Departments at both the Hadassah Hospitals provide services to children and families from a variety of population-groups and cultures. We strive to provide culturally appropriate care by adapting our contact with children and their families in terms of language and customs. Our social workers themselves come from diverse backgrounds and cultures in order to meet this need. Additionally, medical translation is available when necessary.