About Neonatal Neurology

Few are the number of centers comprehensively addressing all the needs in the field of neonatal neurology. This center's primary objective is to give a multidisciplinary answer to all these needs in one single place.

Due to the complexity of brain development during the fetal period, the dramatic transition from fetus to newborn and the excelling development of the brain during the neonatal period – a problem or deficit in each of the phases has the potential for causing long term damage. The complexity requires concentrating efforts exactly in that specific transition period. The center works to expand and deepen the knowledge in this field, assists in familiarizing with and increasing the variety of diagnostic and treatment options, and promotes research with orientation for treatment, prevention or lowering chances for neural damage to the fetus, the newborn and the premature baby.

The center at Hadassah is a center of excellence in the field, which combines diagnostic, consultation and treatment abilities of the highest quality. The Neonatal Neurology unit operates in close cooperation with the maternity ward, the premature department, and the children's department and the imaging unit, using first-row technology (Fetal Sonar and MRI, Respiratory machines and Cerebral Function Monitoring - EEG for newborns) and consulting with other disciplines such as the genetics department, surgery, cardiology and orthopedics experts, all employed at Hadassah.

The medical surveillance in the center begins during pregnancy, continues during hospitalization in the newborn departments, and occurs also within the neonatal neurology clinic and the Pediatric Chronic Disease Center. This coordination between units creates a better response to problems, if it's regarding daily diagnosis, the need for further diagnosis and everything concerning prenatal treatment and postnatal surveillance, even up to adulthood. Early diagnosis and long term surveillance are used as "quality control" and will affect decision making in the future.