Training given to parents before discharge from the hospital

At Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital we "connect to safety": The parents get a chance to practice securing the baby's cars seat with a seatbelt to a real car seat located in the "complete rooming-in" department on the 6th floor of the Mother and Child Pavilion. We recommend coming and practicing before being discharged from the departments. An evening before discharge parents must have a safety car seat to use when they leave.

"Safe Taxi" project
Are you discharged and do not own a vehicle? Hadassah hospital, in cooperation with the Hadassah taxi station and "Beterem" organization, offers a safe taxi service - loaning a safety car seat for the baby's discharge and a safe trip with a Hadassah taxi all the way to your home. The service can be ordered through the nurse in the department.

Preparation for circumcision
The parents are invited to a group instruction done by nurses about preparation for circumcision. What is circumcision, how do you combine Halacha with esthetics, the necessary equipment for the brith, how to choose a mohel, what is important to follow after the circumcision, when do we go to the doctor, and more.

Referral to mother and child health stations
When leaving the hospital it is important to register the baby at a kupat cholim to your choosing, picking a pediatrician and in parallel register with a mother and child health station belonging to the kupat cholim or city hall - "Tipat Chalav" stations. In the maternity ward there are lists of service stations, phone numbers and the name of the head nurse. Parents must call and schedule a first meeting within 5 days of the baby's discharge. On the day of discharge the mother will recieve detailed instructions from the neonatologist for continuing treatment in the community according to the baby's condition.