About Hadassah Mt. Scopus

Hadassah Mt. Scopus is a community hospital with about 300 beds and over 30 departments and clinics. The Department of Pediatrics is located on the 5th floor.

Hadassah Mt. Scopus was founded in 1934 (at the time it was called The Hadassah-Rothschild University Hospital). When it opened, it was the most advanced hospital in the Middle East. The hospital served the city and the state until the War of Indepence. On April 13th, 1948, a convoy left the hospital with 77 doctors and nurses (including the director of the hospital, Dr. Haim Yoske). The convoy was attacked by Arabs and everyone was killed. Following this attack, the hospital was evacuated and it quickly fell into Jordanian hands.

The Ein Kerem campus opened 12 years later. The Mt. Scopus hospital was recaptured during the Six Day War and in 1976 it was reopened.

The hospital was designed by Eric Mendelsohn, and is considered one of the nicest hospitals in the country. The refurbishment in 1976 was designed by architect Jacob Rechter who preserved the original building design.