About Hadassah Ein Karem

The Mother and Child Center at Hadassah Ein Kerem has 700 beds. Most of the departments can be found in the Mother and Child Building, which has been open since 1996 (17 years). The building was designed with intention of being expanded in the future and in recent years, two more floors were added. The building now has seven floors, all of which are for children, babies and new mothers.

What will I find in the different floors?

  • The first floor has the different pediatric clinics and the daycare clinic.
  • The third floor houses the Department of Pediatrics.
  • The fourth floor has the Pediatric Surgery Unit.
  • The fifth floor houses the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Unit.
  • On the seventh floor you can find the Pediatric and Adolescent Physciatric Unit.

There are other departments and clinics that can be found in the main hospital building.

More About Hadassah Ein Kerem
Hadassah Ein Kerem was opened in 1961. David Ben Gurion, who was the Israeli Prime Minister at the time, chose the location and the hospital was built to accomodate the latest medical advances of the time. The other Hadassah campus on Mt. Scopus, was cut off from the Israeli side of Jerusalem since the Israeli War of Independence and couldn't be used. Ein Kerem was able to provide medical service for Jerusalem resients during this time.

Nowadays, Ein Kerem has more than 22 buildings and provides efficient medical services to anyone who needs. The buildings include the Mother and Child Building, the Main Building, the Emergency Room, the School of Dental Health, The School of Nursing and more. Our newest building is the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower, the most modern hospital building in Israel. The hospital complex also has a shopping center and a hotel.