Private Medical Care

Updated October 2018

The Institute of Gastroenterology provides consultations for patients suffering from digestive diseases and disorders. The department performs tests and diagnoses using video endoscopes, enabling precise examination of the upper digestive tract, lower intestine, bile ducts, and pancreas.

In addition, various treatments are performed, such as polypectomies, enlarging constrictions in the esophagus, laser treatment of tumors, treatment of hemorrhoids, removing stones, and inserting pancreatic drainage tubes. Tests are performed to determine pressure of the esophagus, the rectum, and other organs in order to examine disorders of the digestive tract.


Dr. Katz Lior - Head Institute of Gastroenterology
Prof. Ran Oren - Former Head of the Institute, On Sabbatical
Prof. Yaron Ilan, Director Dept. of Medicine A, On Sabbatical
Dr. Rifat Safadi, Head Liver Unit
Dr. Harold Jacob
Dr. Eran Israeli - Head IBD Center
Doctors at Ein-Karem: For appointments please call: 972-2-6778899


Dr. Michael Wilschanski, Head Pediatric Gastroenterology Unit
Prof. Ackerman Zvi
Doctors at Mt. Scopus: For appointments please call: 972-2-5844044