Financial support for the activities of the Rheumatology Unit from sources in Israel has been sparse due to the local economic climate. In the past the procurement of contributions has allowed us to maintain our activities at an acceptable standard, but we have not been able to break out into new exciting areas. It is our goal to establish a clinical and research arthritis center at Hadassah, which will cater to the needs of all people seeking help in this area of medicine. We welcome the support of a single benefactor through whose generosity we will be able to establish the Centers or many donors each contributing to the program that best fits their desire.

Rheumatology Training
We wish to establish a clinical fellowship in Rheumatology for the training of young physicians. The program, recognized for subspecialty training by the scientific committee of the Israel Medical Association, will expose the fellow to a wide spectrum of clinical problems as they relate to Rheumatology, as well as clinical research. Many very bright physicians have expressed an interest in this area and undoubtedly this fellowship will attract the best. We wish to establish a stipend for this program at an annual cost of $40,000. Support form donor(s) will be appropriately acknowledged in publications and research reports.

Clinical Coordinator
We wish to establish a position for an individual whose role would be to supervise clinical research projects within the unit. The job description would entail administration of projects, procurement of patients, evaluation and patients' compliance verification. The unit is about to embark on a number of exciting clinical studies and a central study coordinator is essential. The expected annual salary for this position would be $20,000.

Arthritis Nurse
We wish to establish a position for a nurse practitioner in Rheumatology. The chronic nature of many rheumatic diseases and related disability requires intense education and support for afflicted individuals and their families. A nurse trained in the clinical and rehabilitative aspects of arthritis, knowledgeable in the medications taken by patients as well as their adverse affects, and informed about disability compensation issues will prove a much-needed service for the unit. The expected annual cost of salary would be $20,000.

Career Scientist
We wish to establish a position for a career post-doctoral basic scientist in Rheumatology. With the allotment of laboratory space for the Unit, there will be a need for a Ph.D. investigator in either collagen/matrix biochemistry or immunology. The job description would entail supervision of all basic research studies, hiring appropriate technical staff, grant application requests and teaching. The individual would be expected to be an independent investigator and pursue his/her individual research interests. The expected annual salary would be $60,000.

An active academic Rheumatology Unit that provides training and teaching for physicians, nurses, students and basic science investigators needs readily available sources in the form of books and journals. It is intended that the library subscribe to current rheumatology journals and be able to purchase a number of books in the field of rheumatology. The expected annual cost of this service is $4,000. Support from the donor will be appropriately acknowledged.

Annual Lectureship
We wish to establish an annual lectureship in rheumatology at the Hadassah Medical Center. It is intended that an internationally renowned physician in the field of rheumatology be invited to Jerusalem for a period of 5-7 days. He/she will deliver a lecture in his/her field of expertise. The event would attract rheumatologists and physicians in related fields from all over Israel and over time be regarded as most prestigious by local and international scientists. This lectureship will be named after the benefactor or any person(s) he/she wishes to honor. The expected annual cost of the lectureship would be $7,500-$10,000.

Endowment Fund
In view of the limited funds from sources in Israel, circumstances make it mandatory to secure the necessary funding for the programs of the Unit. Such security could be attained by the establishment of an endowment fund and allow us to focus on our research activities over the long term. Interest generated from the endowment would provide the financial means by which we may achieve our many goals.

We wish to establish an endowment fund of $1,000,000. The income of approximately $50,000-$70,000 annually will be budgeted for the research programs. Support from donors will be appropriately acknowledged in the Rheumatology Unit and in research reports and publications.