First Visit

First Visit to the ivf Clinic

On your first visit to the ivf Clinic bring all of your medical documentation, including tests and treatments you have undergone, especially those concerning the subject of fertility. Our clinic will use this material to help us assess the medical problem and determine the appropriate treatment methods.

Each treatment is individually tailored for every patient. During the initial, the doctor will give you an explanation of the treatment and the benefits and risks of your particular treatment plan.

You will also meet with the clinic nurses who will provide additional explanations about the treatment plan provided by your doctor, expectations, and an explanation of the side effects of the drugs. Nurse will also discuss anxieties and difficulties that the infertility treatment can cause, as well as procedures of the work of the clinic. We place a special emphasis on the need for counseling and information.

Your input is important to us! We strive to create a warm atmosphere for you and your partner.