Endometriosis Center

Endometriosis is a chronic and very common disorder (10-15% incidence among women) characterized mainly by chronic pelvic pain and infertility. In this disease, the endometrium, that is the tissue which normally lines the uterus, is found outside the uterus on the surface of other organs in the pelvis. This tissue that is found outside the uterus causes irritation of the nerve endings of these organs and interferes with their proper functioning, and as a result causes symptoms such as very severe pelvic pain, irregular menstrual bleeding, disturbances in bowel movements, bladder activity and infertility.

Due to the fact that endometriosis imitates other problems in the region of the pelvis, intestines and bladder, and because of poor understanding and low awareness of the disease, diagnosis and treatment may take years.

Click here for the ESHRE guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.