The Department of Endodontics

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The field of Endodontics focuses on the prevention and treatment of dental pulp disease. Irreversible damage to the dental pulp tissue can lead to a root canal in the damaged tooth, resulting in the removal of the damaged dental pulp. Progression of the disease causes destruction of the root canal tissue and requires extensive endodontic work. There are a variety of treatment methods the endodontist can use to treat diseases caused by damaged dental pulp tissue.

As the disease progresses the root-tip tissue is destroyed, creating the need for endodontic treatment. An endodontic expert is needed in many cases. Endodontic internship programs teach the clinical and theoretical knowledge needed in order to successfully handle these situations.

Head of Department:
Prof. Moshonov Joshua, DMD
E-mail: [email protected]

Secretary of Department: Margalit Ulo.


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Ein-Kerem, School of Dental Medicine, 2nd floor