The staff of the Department of Endodontics is involved in a number of research activities, which includes active supervision of students throughout their thesis research. Most of the research activity focuses on the application of new technological developments in the field of endodontics. Additionally, many antibacterial matierials are being studied for use in endodontics, such as sterilization of the root canal, dental trauma, pediatric dentistry , revascularization and invasive cervical resorption.

The staff has been invited to attend international conferences and present their works. Our staff is one of the leading medical teams in the world to employ new, safe laser techniques in root canals.

Below is a list of research conducted by our endodontists:

Prof. Moshonov Joshua

  • Laser Technology in Dentistry
  • Using Electronic Locator in Endodontics

Prof. Ilana Heling

  • The Influence of Obesity on dental and Oral Health
  • The Influence of Gastric Bypass Surgery on Oral Health

Dr. Abramovitz Itzhak

  • Sterilization of Root Canals
  • Dental Rehabilitation Following a Root Canal

Dr. Nuni Eyal

  • Root Canals Among Children and Advanced Dental Treatment for Deciduous Teeth
  • Invasive Cervical Resorption

Dr. Slutzky-Goldberg Iris

  • The Antibacterial Properties of Endodontic Materials
  • Laser Usage in Endodontics
  • The Clinical Aspects of Root Canals

Dr. Sahar-Helft Sharonit

  • Laser Usage in Dentistry
  • Endodontic Electronic Locators
  • Technology and Endodontics