Education and Teaching

Training the next generation of physicians

The Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatric Medicine teaches and trains medical students at different stages in their medical education.

  • Physical examination to 4th-year medical students in the Department of Geriatric Medicine.
  • Teaching 4th-year medical students within the framework of the Problem Based Learning (PBL) course.
  • Teaching Clinical Geriatrics to 5th-year medical students as a compulsory internship. The course takes place in the various divisions of the department, including the department of Geriatric Rehabilitation, the Geriatric Emergency Department, The "Hod Adomim" Geriatric Center, The Ina and Jack Kay Center for Supportive Care, the Neurogeriatric and Memory Outpatient Clinic, the Home Hospitalization Program of the Clalit Health Fund and the Geriatric Assessment Unit of the Clalit Health Fund. The teaching is carried out by a faculty of more than 20 board certified geriatricians and residents in geriatric medicine and includes the following.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation is provided to fifth year medical students as part of their internships in orthopedic surgery and neurology, respectively.

Postgraduate Training
Programs for postgraduate training of resident physicians are maintained in either rehabilitation or geriatric medicine:

  1. A residency program in geriatric medicine can begin immediately following the completion of board certification in internal medicine or family medicine as a sub-specialty. This residency is two years long.
  2. A second option for a residency program in geriatric medicine is starting upon completion of the first part of board examination in internal medicine. The length of this program is two and a half years (including 6 months of basic research).
  3. A third option for a residency program in geriatric medicine is residency upon graduation from medical school and consists of four and a half years, divided as follows: 2 years in a department of internal medicine, 2 years in a department of geriatric medicine, 6 months of basic research.

The clinical experience and education residents are exposed to in the department of rehabilitation and geriatric medicine at Hadassah University Hospital at Mount Scopus is vast and includes all available services provided by the department including geriatric emergency department, acute geriatric care, subacute geriatric care, long term care, complex skilled nursing care, geriatric rehabilitation, palliative care, outpatient clinics, comprehensive geriatric assessment unit and consultation services.

Academic teaching is carried out by a large faculty of leading geriatricians and researches in gerontology and geriatrics.