Details of medical units

Internal Medicine A
Tel: 02-5844535

Internal Medicine B
Tel: 02-5844545

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and internal medicine
Unit Manager - Dr. Roni Elkalay
Tel: 02-5844565
See the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

Day Care Internal Medicine Unit
Tel 02-5844672

Location : Clinics Building
Hypertension Clinic (Prof. Bursztyn Michael)
Internal Clinic - (Prof. Heyman Samuel)
Joints Clinic (Rheumatology) - (Dr. Elazari Anat, Dr. Aamar Suhail)
Endocrinology Clinic (Dr. Szalat Auryan)
Clinic for gastrointestinal and liver disease (Prof. Ackerman Zvi)
Hematology Clinic (Dr. Hochberg-Klein Sarit)
Neurology Clinic
Nephrology Clinic (Dr. Israel Sarah)
Cardiology Clinic (Dr. Alcalai Aharon Roni, Dr. Leibowitz David, Dr. Jabara Refat)

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