Desserts and Snacks During Holidays

Modern man's diet has drastically changed throughout history, especially in the last century. Our society has shifted from eating mostly home cooked and baked foods to processed foods.

In the past, sugar and salt were rare - nowadays our diets are loaded with sugar, fats and sodium. Dessert used to be a special treat, and most desserts were fruit-based. Today, dessert sometimes takes place of the meal itself! They are easily available and a chock full of calories. This new food reality has contributed almost exclusively to the obesity epidemic affecting the Western world.

It is important to have snacks that have some type of nutritional value. The portion sizes should not be too large - dates, rasins, nuts and fruits are all delicious and nutritious desserts. Yogurt, chickpeas and real snack bars are only a few examples of healthy snacks. When buying snacks,pay attention to the sodium, saturated fats and sugar content.

Holiday meals should be festive and delicious - but it is important to eat a regular-sized serving and not a super-sized one.