Da Vinci Robotic Surgical Procedure

Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System makes its Israel debut at Hadassah Medical Center
In 2009, Hadassah received the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, a robotic system designed to facilitate complex surgery. In preparation for its arrival, senior surgeons, technicians, nurses, and anesthesiologists were trained to operate the sophisticated piece of machinery. Since its arrival at Hadassah, over 60 operations have successfully been done with da Vinci.

A New Era in Surgery

When the USA began developing its air and space program, they encountered a serious medical dilemma: What would happen if an astronaut, in outer space, would suddenly need medical attention which would involve surgical intervention? Building an operating room in the space shuttle with an on-site medical team seemed like an unrealistic option. This dilemma led to the creation of the da Vinci surgical robot – to be stationed in the spacecraft and operated remotely by surgeons back on Earth.

The functionality of the da Vinci exceeded beyond all expectations. The robotic-performed surgery was more accurate than that of human hands. The da Vinci robot is able to perform laparoscopic-like procedures, remotely-controlled by surgeons, with pin-point precision.

Prostate Cancer Surgery
Da Vinci has been a proven success with prostate cancer surgery.
“Most prostatectomies in the USA are done with the help of da Vinci,” says Professor Ofer Gofrit, senior urologist at Hadassah, with dozens of da Vinci-run procedures under his belt. “The robot’s accuracy and precision in performing prostatectomies significantly decreases the risk of sexual dysfunction. It gives the surgeon a clear view of the procedure, eliminates shaking, and overall shows incredible results.”

Prof. Yoav Mintz, senior general surgeon at Hadassah Ein Kerem, was the head of the team of surgeons who welcomed da Vinci to its new home in Israel. Dr. Mintz continues to perform multiple procedures with the da Vinci, and guides other surgeons who are trained to use the robotic system as well. “Hadassah purchased the da Vinci robot last year. Through our experience, we’ve found many advantages to the robotic surgeries: smaller incisions, higher accuracy, less pain for patient, and more. “

The da Vinci robot has other advantages as well: 3D imaging (unlike regular laparoscopic – which is 2D), greater movement ability, and overall ergonomics for the surgeon.

Due to its relatively high cost (both of the device itself and the operation of it), da Vinci is only used in very specific circumstances.

Hadassah Medical Center’s experienced staff has paved the way for the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System to debut in Israel. Since its arrival, it has assisted surgeons in complicated urological, gynecological, and general surgical procedures – all of which were performed successfully. There is no doubt that future patients will choose to undergo procedures with the help of our robotic friend, and will benefit from the experienced, skillful, and well-trained team at Hadassah.

Check out the da Vinci Surgical Robot at Hadassah here