HAC International Projects

Ethiopian Involvement

Monitoring HIV Resistance
A new research endeavor has begun through a collaboration of Hadassah's AIDS Center (HAC), the US CDC (Ethiopia) and EHNRI (Ethiopian Health & Nutrition Research Institute). This project will be tracking the development of resistance to HIV in a cohort of 150 HIV+ patients on antiretrovirals (ARV's) in Addis Ababa. Initial indication suggests a rate of 10% per 6 months of development of HIV resistance.

The development of this cohort and the scientific conduct of this project has been initiated at the HAC. It is expected that important scientific collaborative work on HIV resistance will be conducted in Israel and Ethiopia as part of this project for years to come.

Pediatric AIDS
A retrospective follow-up of 300 children infected by HIV and who are not taking antiretrovirals. These 300 children live in an orphanage in Addis Ababa. This project is the initiative of HAC, in collaboration with the Department of Pediatrics at Hadassah Medical Center. This retrospective analysis is the basis of a new MD thesis.

It is expected that future involvement in this pediatric cohort on antiretrovirals in Addis Abeba will lead to fruitful scientific results.

Training in AIDS Medicine
Through another collaboration with the US CDC Ethiopian branch, the CDC has launched a training course in AIDS Medicine for Ethiopian doctors, nurses and technicians in Israel (Train of Trainers "TOT" program). This program is a collaboration between HAC, the Tel Aviv AIDS Center and the Central Israeli HIV Resistance laboratories at Tel Hashomer. Funding is through the US CDC. Currently, two training courses have been successfully completed so far, providing training to 30 Ethiopian doctors. HAC plays a major role in this training program.

A new submission to CDC for the extension of the TOT program in Israel is expected. Planning for 4 TOT courses per year for the next 3-5 years is underway.

Plans are also underway to establish the development of a Center of Excellence in AIDS Medicine at Gondar and Makele Universities in Ethiopia. An important site visit to the University of Gondar took place by members of the Israeli Consortium on AIDS Medicine (ICAM). The expected collaboration will involve, among others, the ICAM, the Hebrew University, Hadassah University Hospital, the University of Washington's International Training & Education Center on HIV (ITECH) and the US CDC. Recent application with the Clinton Global initiative has been submitted to that end.

A new trilateral collaboration, HAC with the Centre for Clinical Immunology & Biomedical Statistics, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Australia and the Medical Biotechnology Lab (MBL), Addis Abeba ; Forged in 2006.

Areas of Research

  1. Delineating the full length sequencing of HIV and HLA configuration in African HIV+ patients of Ethiopian origin. Collaboration with the MBL laboratory, Addis Abeba.
  2. Mitochondrial toxicity among African and other non Caucasian patients on antiretrovirals.
  3. Hypersensitivity reactions to Abacavir among non Caucasian patients - a clinical and molecular analysis.