Community Dentistry Department

Community Dentistry is a specialty within dentistry that examines the dental health and disease levels within a community. Dentists and researchers analyze variables associated with these distributions, and plan programs aimed at promoting the oral health of the community. Dental epidemiology is a central tool in the methodology connected to measuring variables associated with community dental health as well as in the promotion of community oral health is preventive dentistry.

Israeli dentistry is currently undergoing dramatic changes in the public dental care systems. Dentists have reported a declining prevalence of major dental diseases in Israel. It is evident that there is increasing interest in the promotion of community oral health programs.

The Department of Community Dentistry is involved in most community and public health dental activities in Israel. The staff is actively involved in programs run by municipalities, insurance companies, public clinics, the Israel Dental Association and the Ministry of Health.

The department is responsible for the two year program in dental hygiene.


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