Clinical Trials and Research

Danny Cunniff Leukemia Research Laboratory

The Danny Cunniff Leukemia research laboratory is part of the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cancer Immunotherapy. It caters to physicians, researchers, and students in the medical, masters, and PhD level.The laboratory focuses on the long term development of anti-cancer therapies and knowledge of stem cell transplantation biology, which will lead to improvements in clinical transplantation. Researchers are continually investigating and developing projects about experimental transplantation in order to discover innovative approaches that will lead to revolutionary procedures and results. In the near future we hope to develop a cancer immunotherapy for the treatment of solid tumors by the induction of graft versus tumor effect. This remains one of the major goals of the research at the Danny Cunniff Leukemia research laboratory.

Dedicated in Loving Memory of Danny Cunnif by Tim & Jill Cunniff and Fern and Manny Steinfeld.

  • Baxter-Hadassah Research Laboratory
  • Cell-Processing Center

Other Facilities:

  • GMP facility
  • Production Facility – for synthesis of small molecules for immune regulation and cancer treatment

Becoming a Bone Marrow Transplant Donor:
- Bone Marrow Harvesting
- Peripheral Stem Cell Harvesting
- National Bone Marrow Registry