Clinical Activity

Nephrology and Hypertension Services provide medical care for patients affected by kidney diseases; water, electrolyte and acid base abnormalities; bone and mineral disorders and arterial hypertension. The clinical service is extremely active and large and includes organ transplant patient care. Our services focus on attention on the diagnosis of parenchymal renal diseases and on delivery of comprehensive care for patients with primary and secondary kidney diseases. Performing and analyzing diagnostic kidney biopsies both of native kidneys and renal allografts is considered a top priority.

The Department of Nephrology and Hypertension serves as a referral center for metabolic bone diseases and mineral metabolism disorders. Our deoartment has also been the first Nephrology and Hypertensions Department to introduce diagnostic bone biopsies on an outpatient basis.

The Bone Histomorphometry Laboratory operates a highly advanced computerized system. The advanced work perfomed by this laboratory has garnered international acclaim and recognition for its professional excellence.

The Jerusalem Osteoporosis Center operates two highly advanced DEXA densitometers, an experimental ultrasound device and runs an outpatient consultation clinic three times a week. Patients with complex skeletal diseases are admitted to the hospital for further work-up. The clinic provides care for patients referred from local physicians as well as patients from other regions in the country and abroad.

The Renal Laboratory provides resourceful diagnostic support. This laboratory performs specific tests which include vitamin D and its metabolites' assays, aluminum level measurements, three bone markers and cyclic AMP levels.

Dialysis is our principal clinical preoccupation. We run two hemodialysis units and one chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) unit. Our dialysis centers provide comprehensive daily medical care for over 200 patients with end-stage renal disease. Our new Pre-Dialysis Clinic provides 24-hour care for over 80 patients. These patients are transferred from the General Nephrology Outpatient Clinic in anticipation of dialysis and/or transplantation. This clinic was awarded with Hadassah Director General's medal for excellence.

Nephrology and Hypertension Outpatient Services - General Nephrology Clinic meets every Thursday. All physicians treat patients with a different array of nephrological and hypertension-related disorders. These disorders include organ transplant recipients. We have around 4000 patient visits annually.

Renal Transplant Clinic meets every Sunday and Thursday. It is specifically designed for kidney transplant patients. We follow over 250 transplant patients including those who received kidney allografts outside Hadassah. The latter constitute over 30 percent of all our patients.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Service provides 24-hour blood pressure monitoring at Ein Kerem campus. The circadian blood pressure profile is important for assessment of blood pressure control and prediction of end organ damage.