Shopping and commerce in the hospital

For your convenience, we have concentrated information about the shopping and commerce centers at Hadassah Ein Kerem and Mt. Scopus hospital campuses.

Ein Kerem

In the "Yisphro Center" mall at Hadassah Ein kerem there is a book store, various gift stores, several restaurants and coffee places, a bank and various commercial stands with interesting merchandise. In addition to the mall you will find other various services in different places around the hospital.

In the mall you will find a variety of restaurants and coffee shops, some of which open at 6am. Additional service carts selling hot beverages and light refreshments can be found in the main entrances to both hospitals as well as the Ein Kerem Mother and Child Building. The carts are open during the day.

A list of restaurants and food shops in the mall:

Aroma - 06:30-22:00, +972-2-6410222

Ne'eman Bakery and Coffee Shop - +972-2-6428621

Sambooki (Dairy Foods) - +972-2-6428621

Candy World ("Olam Hamamtakim") - 07:00-23:00, +972-2-6411414

Cafe Hillel - 06:00-22:00, 02-6432332

Roga-Bar ("Calm Bar") - Natural juices bar - +972-2-6432777

Shawarma Shaul - 02-6410222

Gifts, books, clothing and flower shops are located in the mall and are open most of the week. In addition, merchandise stands offering jewelry and gifts for all ages can be found in both levels of the mall.

List of stores in the mall:

Biro Orthopedics - Orthopedic products - 09:00-20:30, +972-2-6428860

Aphrodita - Lingerie and more - 09:00-19:00, +972-2-6431299

Bug - Computers and Computer Games - 09:00-19:00, 02-6431298

Bambino - Children's clothing - +972-2-6435014

Bank Leumi - 9:30-14:30 (Closed on Fridays), +972-2-6416222

Laline - 08:00-21:00, 02-6410020

Mifal Hapayis - 09:30-19:00, +972-2-6446617

Matan, Nursing and Welfare services - 09:00-17:00, +972-2-6449536

Super-Pharm - 07:30-22:00, +972-2-0400

Candy World ("Olam Hamamtakim") - 07:00-23:00, +972-2-6411414

Fox Clothing Co. - 09:00-20:30, +972-2-6448573

Tsomet Sfarim (Books) - 08:00-21:00, Friday 08:00-14:30, +972-2-6426941

Shilav - Baby and child products - 08:00-21:00, Friday 08:00-14:30, +972-6427514

Lady Comfort - Shoe Store - +972-2-6415566

Wow Cosmetics - +972-2-5022172

Post Office  - Middle floor. Open Sunday-Thursday between 07:30-14:30, Fridays 08:00-12:00

Ofir Tours Travel Agency - Middle floor next to the Covenant Room ("חדר הברית"). Open Sunday-Thursday between 08:00-17:00 and Fridays between 09:00-13:00

"Tikshoret Lehachlama" - Phone and television rental services for patients. Located in the entrance hall to the clinics building. Open Sunday-Thursday between 08:30-20:00, Fridays between 08:30-12:00

Bank Leumi - Near the main entrance to the mall. Open Sunday-Thursday 08:30-14:30

ATM - Located in the entrance hall to the clinics' building and in the first floor of the mall. Provides service to costumers of all banks.

Academon - "Student House" building, Medical School. Open Sunday-Thursday between 09:00-17:00

Ya'el - Yad Ezer Lachole, Floor ת1, main building.
The non-profit association employs volunteers who work all around the hospital. A children's library can be found in the entrance hall to the Mother and Child Building, and is open on Sunday-Thursday between 10:00-12:00. An adult library (for visiting parents also) can be found in the main office building, offices area, and is open Sunday-Thursday between 08:00-14:00. Books can be borrowed for a 20 shekel deposit. Tel.: +972-2-6777410

Kivunim - information center for the patient and his family
The center provides information about rights, services and rehabilitation after sickness. Service is free. Middle floor next to elevators, open between 10:00-17:00

Yad Sarah - Floor ת1. Open Sunday-Thursday between 10:30-14:00. Medical equipment can be borrowed for a deposit. For details: +972-2-6776260, Fax +972-2-6414285

Ram 2 (ר"מ 2) - Tzahal's communication office for sick soldiers and their families. Middle floor. Open 24 hours a day. Tel.: +972-2-6776345

Pay Phones - Can be found in every floor of the hospital (near the elevators) as well as at the entrances to the hospital buildings.

Mt. Scopus

Information - Main entrance to the hospital. You can recieve info about a patient's hospitalization location, directions to the requested department or unit, and order a taxi.

Cafeteria and Gift Shop - First floor, Tourism Building ("Tayarut")
Open Sunday-Thursday between 07:30-19:00, Fridays 07:30-13:00

Coffee and Juices cart - Entrance hall, open till 20:30

Cafe Mendelsson - 6th floor. Open Sunday-Thursday between 07:30-20:00, Fridays 07:30-13:00

Yad Sarah - 2nd floor next to the hospital operator center. Open Sunday-Thursday betweeb 10:00-13:30

"Tikshoret Lehachlama" - Phone and television rental services for patients. Located in the entrance hall next to the information stand. Open Sunday-Thursday between 09:30-19:00, Fridays between 10:00-13:30

Ya'el - Yad Ezer Lachole - Floor ת1, main building. The non-profit association employs volunteers who work all around the hospital.

Cafeteria floor - open on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday between 08:00-11:30, Monday and Wednesday between 08:00-10:00. +972-2-5844214

Pay Phones
Can be found at the entrance to the ER and in every floor next to the main elevators